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Pantone® Colour Chart (Solid Coated) Online Reference

Pantone® Colour Chart with the PMS, Lab values, HTML hex Code and RGB values. Online version for use at client. View generated PDF or download PDF as a zip file to use as an offline copy of the Pantone® Colour Chart.

Perfect for anyone that needs to make their artwork online look more like their artwork for print, the data was captured straight from adobe® photoshop 5... pantone by pantone... so notify us of any discrepancies please. Screen brightness is a factor when choosing colours, so I use the online guide and match the pantone colour at the clients computer. While screens vary in brightness the clients end up satisfied as they see it on the own screens in the correct colour. No... its not cheating :)




umsiko design

Links & Resources

Cascading Style Sheets: Used for websites, and online software development, CSS ensures consistency in fonts, styles and layouts structures.

Special Characters: From a ™ sign to a square ² or that é for a name. Includes name of the symbol, HTML code and Alternate Keyboard code.

RGB Hexadecimal Color Chart: This is the 256 RGB Colour Chart. Printout fits on one A4 page for easier reference.

RGB Color Names (Alphabetical): For people who type out the names of the colour using CSS. Includes hex numbers too.

Pantone® Colour Chart with the PMS, Lab values, HTML hex Code and RGB values.. View generated PDF or download PDF as a zip file to use as an offline copy of the Pantone® Colour Chart.

umsiko design

what we do

Joomla / CMS Websites: Our websites have never been considered ordinary, plain or boring. We create our templates from scratch so each clients site is unique.

Custom Websites: We provide database development for anything you would need. We also provide ecommerce solutions.

Static Websites: Due to the nature of websites in current times we no longer offer static websites.

Logo Designs: Although having a logo is an absolute necessity for any company, that is just the starting point of marketing your company. Our designers are capable of creating your logo without compromising on your valuable time.

Print Designs: Once you have a logo a theme needs to be created from the colours, elements in the logo, name of your company and the services you provide. Letterheads, fax covers sheets, business cards and other stationery design requirements would be designed around your company's new logo / corporate identity.

Email stationery:Every email you send out is an impression on your company. We create email stationery that is inline with your current or new corporate branding.

umsiko design

about umsiko design

Since 1998 our designers have been making an impact on companies all over South Africa. Their skills in most aspects of graphic design have created the "great" look that most companies have come to expect.

We believe in honesty and integrity at all costs. Our Credo? "Always have a passion for design." You can tell by our quality of work that design is more than just a passion.

Our success thus far is based on putting our clients first, personalised service and ensuring customer satisfaction while our portfolio are delivered on time and within our clients budget.

umsiko design

why umsiko design

Functionality: Our websites are designed to be not only beautiful to look at but fast-loading. Functional navigation is a key factor for all websites, which ensures that everyone browsing your site can access all the pages with ease.

Quality: All design portfolio are handled with the greatest care therefore providing you with the quality you want.

Value for Money: Our packages are designed with your pocket in mind. Budgeting for design has never been easier as our designers will personally quote you on what you need.

Personal Service: Instead of having several designers working on one project, which makes the design process tedious, we ensure that your project is assigned to and professionally handled by one of our designers.

Communication: Our designers communicate with you via email, telephone or will meet you personally to discuss your design project, so you'll always be sure that the work will be done perfectly every time.

Experience: Umsiko have grown from designing basic logos to providing many services ranging from corporate stationery to websites that are of high quality and we have always been deadline orientated.

Your satisfaction: If you're not happy, we'll work with you until we get it right. We want you to be completely satisfied with any design project you have requested.

Anf of course... Passion.